Quotes from our Graduates

The increased personal awareness I discovered during my three years with GTIP has ... proven to be helpful in my administrative role as much as in my role as a clinical social worker and supervisor. The program was well balanced between experiential learning and didactic presentation. Highly recommended from many fronts.
Edward Woomer, LCSW
Administrative Director
Social Work, Utilization Management and Behavioral Health
duPont Hospital for Children
Wilmington, DE

I had never been in a community like GTIP before. Everyone was committed to the personal growth and awareness of themselves and of each other. The feeling of mutuality was tremendous. Every voice was heard and respected. It created a real sense of safety, even when people had different views. Overall, it was an amazing experience for me. Life has become so much more lively and interesting.
Bobbi Titus, MSS, LCSW
Private Practice
Wilmington, DE

My Gestalt training was a profound growth experience that buoyed me through the most challenging time of my personal life. The quality of teaching, skill of the therapists, and support of the classroom community were beyond what I have experienced any other time or place in my life.
Marge Copeland, MSS
Private Practice
Marlton, NJ

I came to the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia (GTIP) as a practicing psychotherapist of 17 years. Training and supervision in cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, psychodrama, clinical hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming and transactional analysis, made up some of the clinical ground that escorted me into the Gestalt training. The blend of experiential and theoretical learning, the unparalleled faculty, and the quality of the trainees, made for the most impactful training that I had experienced.

GTIP provided me a thoroughgoing learning experience. Through creative experimental exercises, dialogue, and safe encounters, I have stretched myself personally and professionally. Consequently, my life has been more rewarding and satisfying. Thank you, GTIP!
Mark Magerman, LCSW, BCD
Therapist, Trainer, and Organizational Consultant
Private Practice
Newtown, PA

A place where art, creativity, humor and intellectual excitement come together...An institution dedicated to enriching the mind and the soul... A place of restoration, self-discovery and awareness...A haven for clinicians to continue their professional development through theory, supervision, experiment, and collegiality.
Ann Woodland, PhD
Psychological Associates
Lancaster, PA

I began GTIP to add yet another tool to my toolbox as a therapist. What it has done far beyond that is to help me grow as a human being; it is one of the most important things I have done in my life.
Emy C. Kanewske, MSW, LSW, CAC
Counseling & Consultation
Lebanon, PA

What I appreciate most about GTIP is the faculty. They are a wealth of talent and experience who authentically model what they present. They teach and facilitate in a way that is respectful of the individual, honors group process, and emerges from their many years of being Gestalt therapists.
George Leute, MA
Private Practice
Wallingford, PA

After 26 years of education, GTIP taught me in three years the experiential and irreplaceable gem I had been looking for. The rich contact of the now, that is always available in the relationship between the world and myself. I have far more choice and influence over my life than ever before.
Mark Pugsley, MSS
Private Practice
New Mexico

My training so far has encouraged profound personal and professional growth, and the two are inseparable: through the training I've developed a grounding in Gestalt therapy theory and practice and, more broadly, a sense of Gestalt Therapy as a set of tools and a theoretical framework for living an engaged life.
Molly Weigel, PhD
Pennington, NJ

The three-year program at GTIP was a wonderful experience from which I grew both personally and professionally. I use many of the skills I learned there in my daily work with clients. Gestalt training helps my work with clients come alive in ways that traditional talk therapy just can't match.
Pam Hinden, MSW
Private Practice
New York, NY