Training Program

For over 35 years, GTIP has been offering training to therapists, nurses, bodyworkers, lawyers, personal coaches, yoga teachers, educators, doctors, organizational consultants, entrepreneurs, and any individuals working in business-related fields, as well as anyone interested in personal and professional growth.

Gestalt Therapy theory is a pioneering approach to human wellness and potential with roots in Eastern philosophy, existentialism, field theory, and phenomenology. It is an embodied, experiential, and relational theory and practice, which current research identifies as pivotal for creating lasting emotional and behavioral change.

With its emphasis on awareness and present-moment experience, Gestalt Therapy promotes lively, intimate, and vivid dialogue that allows us to meet through our differences, as well as through our similarities.

Well beyond the teaching of theory, techniques, and methods, the three-year GTIP training program develops growth and change in trainees fostering an embodied, relational, and holistic way of being with others in their professional and personal life.

Gestalt Therapy theory extends beyond the realm of interpersonal relationships and includes participation in the social, political, economic, and racial forces in our world. Gestalt practice heightens awareness of social location in order to deconstruct that which is fixed and habitual, including the forces of white dominant culture.

Classes are kept small providing for individualized instruction and the creation of an ongoing small group experience. The program emphasizes experiential learning, as well as lectures, discussion, and experimentation. By observing and experiencing seasoned therapists at work, students deepen their understanding of theoretical concepts and how to apply them to their life and work experience. In small groups, trainees integrate their learning and are supported in applying it to their practice sessions with guidance and supervision.

Our curriculum builds from basic theoretical concepts to more specific applications. Both are interwoven through each aspect of our program. Completion of the three-year training is contingent on demonstrating an ability to both understand and apply basic Gestalt Therapy principles as appropriate in their professional and personal life. Trainees are expected to engage in a significant course of individual psychotherapy before the completion of the program.

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