GTIP Articles

The following Articles are authored by faculty members and associates of the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia.

Culture Change: Conversations Concerning Political/Religious Differences

Philip Lichtenberg
At its core, Gestalt therapy embodies commitment to democratic and egalitarian functioning of persons in relation, not only in the therapy room or in organizations that employ us, but also in the everyday life that makes for our culture. If we are in the background in this culture, confined to our professional roles and, even there a minority voice, we nonetheless represent an orientation that is vitally needed in the various societies of our time. The pulse of democratic, egalitarian functioning is weak, indeed, and nowhere is it heard more faintly than in conversations among family, friends, neighbors and co-workers in everyday life. My purpose in this presentation is to suggest what this looks like and how we may begin to address the strengthening of democracy and egalitarianism.

Incomplete "I": An Impediment to Reaching Mutual Understanding and Community

Philip Lichtenberg
Awareness is composed of the combining of stimulation entering from outside the person and stimulation entering from the person's interior bodily processes, memory or associations. When perception of the surround is vivid and interoception of the interior is obscure, a person's awareness is limited and an "incomplete "I" is present.

Equalizing in Life 

Philip Lichtenberg
In this paper Philip Llictenberg reviews how the various manifestations of equalizing between persons in relationships has been a central theme of his career.

Gestalt Practice and the Practice of Painting  

Katherine Kurtz
A therapist, supervisor and teacher of Gestalt Therapy explores how Gestalt Therapy theory and practice informs and encourages not only clinical creativity, but her work as an artist/painter. "Gestalt Therapy's respect for images, dreams, nightmares, and humor is legendary, so it is no surprise to me that in my work as a clinician and in my life as a painter, I find much that overlaps."

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