Katonya "Kat" Mosley is the creator and host of For My People: A Game of Stereotypes and Monoliths (FMP). Originally from the South Bronx, Kat has been a codeviser and performer since attending middle school on New York's Upper West Side. She added simulation skills during law school in 2003 (Temple University - James E. Beasley School of Law), true storytelling in 2008 (First Person Arts, et al.), and stand up comedy (Punch Line Philly et al.) in 2015. Kat is as much a personal growth enthusiast as she is a revolutionary. She has buttressed her observations and experiences with research, and fused all of these in the development of FMP.

At 10 years old, Kat was accepted into a Magnet School zoned for the children of several TV writers and executives, and other professionals. Columbus Academy, in partnership with the Metropolitan Opera, produced a musical that was written and performed by students, including Kat. She continued performing and co-directed several one-act plays in prep school. In college, she was a founding member of Peer Education Outreach Performance Leadership Experience (PEOPLE). She was awarded a Cross Pollination residency with Swim Pony Arts (SPA). Collaborations with SPA, where she is now an Associate, include The End (Lead Performer) and an unnamed board game about being an ally. Kat also partnered with Chisena Danza on Breathe, a dance piece for which Kat co-wrote and breathed the score.

Kat was a simulated client for Temple Law's competitive LLM in Trial Advocacy Program. She was selected to be a TA for the Integrated Transactional Program, for which she simulated Professional Responsibility challenges. Kat earned a reputation as a gifted live simulator at Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple (LKSoM), where she helped develop training materials for LKSoM's new Physician Assistant Program. She developed a feedback Quality Assurance tool at Perelman School of Medicine - University of Pennsylvania, where she frequently trained and supervised Standardized Patients (SPs). Her own SP encounters are used in trainings at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. Kat is featured in multiple training videos played at continuing education sessions around the country, and she has voiced several patients in training video games for doctors treating Black women with diabetes or breast cancer.

Kat had used her own story to connect with audiences at her boarding school open houses. At a First Person Arts (FPA) Story Slam,, Kat became intrigued by her nonverbal dialogue with her audience's tacit assumptions. From this house of mirrors, she developed Tell It!, a true story workshop where several students formed lasting friendships; one student won her own Grand Slam. With FPA, Kat led community story circles, including a 6-week series with teenage girls on house arrest. She later led Get Open, a weekly community story circle in Germantown. Kat has shared her stories on Tell Me A Story, RISK, Fibber, and special events at Good Good Comedy Theater and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

As a comedian, Kat co-hosts The Leak Podcast, U Up? Comedy Showcase and Open Mic (Fergie's Pub), Dirty Broads (Broad Humor! at Dirty Frank's) and Reclaiming My Time. She co-founded Wanker Wednesdays & First Friday Comedy (The Victoria Freehouse)*link*. A semi-regular at Helium's open mic, Kat has featured at Punch Line Philly, Bechdel Test Fest, Philly Improv Theater, DC's Draft House, and Charm City Comedy Festival.

Kat believes in mental hygiene. With her brilliant therapist, she discusses the failure of American psychotherapy to address the trauma associated with racism - and the inevitability of perpetuating it- when diagnosing and treating mental illness. Her other personal growth work includes: 12-step, Rebirthing Breathwork, A Course In Miracles, Essential Experience Workshop, weekly support group conference calls, Occupy Philly Legal Collective, EFT, and Paraliminals.

Kat is eager to engage your Gestalt senses, and aware that the content will arouse myriad emotional responses. She specifically selects comedians as Team Captains for their mastery of authentic identity humor; they're expert at building and releasing tension in this context. The competition is farcical in this "oppression Olympics,” but the simulated conflict sets the stage for some brutal honesty. Stand Up comedians are more vulnerable than usual on FMP, and they demonstrate that we can laugh at cultural faux pas. FMP is decidedly not a diversity training. It is a high-intensity racial stamina workout.

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