Kat Mosley Presents:
For My People: A Game of Stereotypes & Monoliths


Comics, divided into two groups of marginalized peoples, will spontaneously respond to Kat’s prompts in a competition to see who will win the chance to face off with The White Dudes. The game will take us out of our usual comfort zones. The audience will laugh and cringe as we observe the comical chaos exposing the aversive racism of our daily interactions, as therapists and as community members.

Small group discussion will follow as we discuss what we have seen, what meaning it has for us as individuals, and reflect on how we interact with others in groups, and in the world.

For the past two years, GTIP has been on a path of self-study to confront racism.

This evening is meant to be another step as we all continue to confront ourselves and grow. We’d like to learn from and with you! Our intention is to have heartfelt and thoughtful conversations together to interrupt the profound barriers in relationships caused by racism and white supremacy.

All profits from this evening will go to support he Racial Equity Work at GTIP.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will develop a deeper, experiential understanding of aversive racism, which exists in many therapy relationships and in institutions that offer personal growth and therapy.
  • Participants will observe the struggles of marginalized groups to find strengths and internal support to find enough voice to challenge oppression as it occurs in the moment. Discussion may provide threads of learning about that process.
  • Participants will make an effort to know themselves, as they’ve been raised in this ongoing culture of racism, and as they exist in our current political climate. Discussants may find that Gestalt therapeutic underpinnings are useful in designing interventions.

About Kat Mosley:

Kat Mosley is the creator of For My People (FMP). A codeviser and performer since her pre-teen years, Kat added simulation skills during law school in 2003, true storytelling in 2008, and stand up comedy in 2015. Kat is as much a personal growth enthusiast as she is a revolutionary. She has fused her observations and research in the development of FMP. Kat is eager to engage your Gestalt senses via players’ present-time responses to prompts, and cognizant that FMP's content will arouse in the audience some complicated responses. Stand Up comedians share some impacts of an unjust now, and keep their riveted audiences laughing. FMP is decidedly not a diversity training, but a high-intensity racial stamina workout. Full information HERE.

CEUs:  2;  $20                                                                           
Hours: 6:00 – 8:30 pm
Date: Wednesday, December 5                              
Location: Ethical Society 
                 1906 Rittenhouse Square
                 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Registration Fee:   $50