Our Mission

Gestalt Training Institute of Philadelphia (GTIP) promotes people fully engaging with themselves and their worlds through emotional healing and authentic connection across the richness of our differences. GTIP offers a theoretical framework that models how to fully accept ourselves and others and how to create meaningful relational contact through our mind, body, and spirit. Gestalt Therapy Theory is offered through training programs, psychotherapy spaces, coaching, and intentional community building. We invite psychotherapists, lawyers, teachers, medical providers, and those working in the corporate and nonprofit sectors to engage in our programing.

GTIP is aware that regardless of our social location, we all live with the legacy of oppression that our country holds across race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age and ability. Gestalt Therapy Theory offers us a way back despite this divisive culture – to ourselves and to each other, beyond the therapy office. GTIP strives to use the theory as a way to disrupt relational reenactments of power and oppression. Our commitment to diversity and equity as opposed to equality is manifest in our training and recruitment work.